Climate change real, says self proclaimed sceptic

At the end of July, the Berkeley Earth project team released the analysis of the most comprehensive land temperature data set ever collected. And do you know what they found? That climate change is real.

This is a stunning result because the leader of the team, Professor Richard Muller, has been a self-confessed “climate sceptic” for many years. In all fairness, Prof. Muller has always stated that his scepticism is based on what he perceives to be problems with the methods by which previous “climate” datasets have been analysed. So, after his team have analysed over 1.5 billion data points he is now (in his own words) a “converted sceptic”. What is more important, though, is that in his interviews he expresses the belief that not only were past analyses correct but that they have underestimated the rate of global warming. This is bad news.

But, to some of us this is no real surprise. In a recent paper, my collaborators and I used historical data to document a shift in entire assemblages of seaweeds due to warming ocean waters on both the west and east coasts of Australia. Not a good thing because thousands of species rely on these seaweeds for habitat and food.


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